We first conceived the idea of opening Golden Gate Guppies Preschool in 2009.  Our vision then and continues today is rooted in the belief for all children to develop a love of learning and to create an environment where children feel safe and supported. 


After years of research, observation and experience  we came to the conclusion that the best approach to facilitate a love of learning is through Project Based Learning and Social and Emotional Intelligence. We begin with our teachers observing, interacting and listening to the Guppies as they wonder and question their world. Our projects aren’t derived from what the teachers think would interest the children but they are derived from what the children ask us. We simply are the navigators to assist and support them to discover the answer to their questions. Questions are not answered through lecture but through hands on learning experiences which we believe calumniates a love-for-learning. PBL learning is: observing, investigating, experimenting, discovering and is always hands-on.


​We explore the environment, and take advantage of everything our city has to offer. What may appear to be a fieldtrip to some, is actually fieldwork, it is meaningful and intentional. As we take in and process new information back into the classroom we share, discuss, hypothesize, test, and draw conclusions.


We work with subject matter experts to expand our knowledge, while our teachers work with rigor and passion to ensure the Guppies' project work is engaging and developmentally age appropriate in the most stimulating and effective way.

At the conclusion of our project work we summarize and share our findings either through our blog or children led presentations to our families.