Our Mission

Golden Gate Guppies Preschool's mission is to give families peace of mind that their child is receiving high quality care in a safe and nurturing environment that is filled with stimulation and individual respect. It is our mission to develop in every child a strong sense of self and the knowledge and skills to succeed in kindergarten and in life. 

Honoring all learning styles and applying a variety of teaching strategies our goals and our commitment to our children are to:

  • Build intrinsic motivation and a life long love of learning. 

  • Help craft an internal compass to guide them as learners, rather than relying only on instruction and direction from others. 

  • Provide children with social and emotional skills to succeed in school.

  • Foster an atmosphere of individual respect for self and others. 

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Our Philosophy

At Golden Gate Guppies Preschool we believe children thrive within webs of friendship and love. Children develop their world view and expectations by living inside relationships and by observing the relationships around them. We believe a strong sense of self-esteem comes from experiencing success and that children learn through their innate sense of natural wonder, exploration and experimentation.

Therefore, it is only practical that our program be driven by the needs and interests of children and the activities developed by our teachers address all of the developmental areas while assuring learning is fun, stimulating and challenging which we believe leads to a life-long love of learning.

School to Home Connection

Family involvement is critical to the educational success of our children. Our goal is to create a bridge from school to home and back. Our parents are informed on a daily basis of the activities and highlights from their child’s day. The GGG Blog provides parents with a summary of the previous month's activities.

We welcome parents into the classroom to assist with special projects, to offer a lesson in their interests or career and of course celebrate the many holidays throughout the year. Families are invited to be our guest librarians and read to the class.